A Trip To Dubai

22 Jun 2021
A Trip To Dubai
Posted by: Riyazz


The Global village is also a very motivating event that is conduct in Dubai. In this event, all countries of the world combine together and are shown as small distinct villages. This way all countries get an opportunity to flaunt their culture and trade their products. Visitors from around the globe visit Dubai to attend this event.This was my first international solo trip which gave me so many eternal memories to cherish. If you are planning to go on a solo trip, I highly recommend Dubai as a destination. The city has a lot of things to offer you in terms of beauty and adventure. Thus, be ready to have a picturesque snap book as here you will find excellent places to capture.

Top Tourist Attractions in Dubai

Another site that can make your Dubai vacation an unforgettable one is the island of "the palm". Counted among the eight wonders that the world has to offer, it adds to the appeal of the place.

1. Desert Safari

I like adventure, so I began my journey with a thrilling ride over the sand dunes in the Arabian Desert. This tour is the blend of adventure, culture and picture perfect views followed by a desert camping where you will be served Arabian BBQ buffet supper while by belly dancers, flamethrowers, and the absolutely talented Tanoura dancers. You'll likewise get the opportunity to ride a camel, watch a beautiful sunset over the desert landscape.

2. Burj Khalifa

What will fascinate you the most, the incredible 125th floored Burj Khalifa or the fast elevator which can take you all the way to the top of the pinnacle? The things which will enamor you more is the minds of the Emiratis who were able to build such a grandeur perspective in the middle of vast region of dry desert. Other than the picturesque views, there are some great virtual reality experiences you can enjoy at the top.

3. Dubai Mall and Dubai Fountain

One of the largest malls in the world is the must- go visit a place you do not want to miss. You can plan an entire day splurging on purchases whilst getting lost in such a vast expanse and it will still not be enough to make your thirst satisfy. The enormous aquarium in the mall is the biggest attraction for the visitors and especially kids.

The Dubai fountain show just right outside the mall is another attraction which will leave you struck. The lavish restaurants in the mall serves sumptuous cuisines, you can take a reservation and enjoy the view.

4. Abu Dhabi

This place may recognize you some locations from your favorite movies shot in here! The landscapes of desert will give you mind struck views. Abu Dhabi is the richest of the seven emirates in the UAE, and it definitely reflects. Your Dubai trip will be considered incomplete if you haven’t taken a trip here. Not to forget about Emirates Palace Hotel, this place has to offer you stunning high-end attractions which you can only experience once you will be there.